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JAPA JOB is a free employment support service for foreign nationals, foreign exchange students, etc., who wish to work in Japan.
At JAPA JOB, full-time career advisors not only perform career counseling, document revisions, and interview preparation, but also explain the unique etiquette and customs of job hunting in Japan.
Since we only refer job offers from businesses recruiting persons studying abroad in Japan, this service also increases the percentage of tentative job offers compared to job offer sites and other referral methods.
What's more, we assist you to get a visa after getting a new job, so our service provides complete support.

From Consultation to Employment

【Registration】First, please register with the entry form. You will then be contacted about further details by a representative.
【Counseling】Your counselor will be successfully finding work for many foreign exchange students. Please also speak with them concerning your worries and anxieties about job hunting, any points of uncertainty about working in Japan, or any other concerns.

Types of Businesses Referred

All of the companies JAPA JOB refers hire exchange students and foreign nationals.
JAPA JOB mainly works with the client business of its managing company, Neo Career, and maintains the highest number of job referrals in the industry.
We have also gathered referrals for a broad variety of occupations, including work on the managerial track, general office work, clerical positions, IT engineer positions, customers service positions, and more.

Frequently Asked Question


What is a job hunting support service?


The job hunting support service that JAPA JOB offers is for exchange students and foreign nationals who wish to work in Japan.
We offer total support, from career counseling to document revisions, interview strategies, and job referrals.
We will also help you get a work visa after you find a job.


I want to use the service, but how?


First, please register with this entry form.
After you register, a representative will contact you with further guidance.

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